First Post of My Blogging Career

I already have three existent blogs on Tumblr, Blogger and the First Friday Night Live website yet I felt the need to start up another one here on WordPress. WordPress just seems more classy and mature to me for some reason and starting a completely fresh and new blog feels like a new beginning that I need right now. I don’t want this to be a public hub where people who anonymously look through my social networking accounts and find out my not-so-exciting secrets like I feel my other blogs have been. Rather I would like this blog to become a resource of inspiration, motivation, entertainment, and rapport with my readers, as well as an excuse to improve my writing skills. No more posts that I would only want some people to see and not discuss with me in person. Everything on this blog will be 100% vulnerably me that I would not mind being shared or being discussed with me in person. This blog is not only to free who I really am on the inside, but also to free anyone else who can relate to whatever I post. Also, I want to post on a regular basis and make you laugh if I can. Look out for the next post, and thanks for stopping by! (Stalker. Lol jk.)

❤ Angelie